Windows and Doors

Windows & Doors


New thermal energy star rated windows and doors will help cut energy bills, add value to your home, protect you from intruders, provide possible fire exits and add curb appeal to your home.

Attacking the homes energy envelope. Are windows or doors any more important than addressing air leaks, the HVAC or your attic. Green Eco Solutions follow a strict code set forth by BPI to address the homes entire energy envelope. Green Eco Solutions specializes in ENERGY PACKAGES. These packages are prepared after a complete audit by our technician. If you do not address the entire envelope you are putting a band aid on just one of your energy losing problems.

Why do windows and doors and siding get more attention than most other energy saving products…you guessed it CURB APPEAL. When a door is faded or the handles are tarnished or the siding is faded and warping or window frames have paint falling off it takes away from the home’s value and CURB APPEAL.

Green Eco Solutions works with one type of window. Keep this in mind 80% of a window is glass. Is the frame important of course, but where you need to have the highest performance creating a thermal break between the interior and exterior is in the glass and our manufacturer only sells a window to Green Eco Solutions dealers that is Energy Star approved and has a BTU transfer ratio that is barely measurable. This product, called CONSERVATION GLASS is exclusive and has everything you would want in a replacement window.



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