Himark Doors

HiMark Patio Doors are the ideal combination of aesthetics and practicality. These doors combine all of the outstanding and thermal performance features of modern design with the traditional appearance of a real wood door.

About HiMark Doors And Windows

HiMark Doors is a product of Bristol, Pennsylvania-based Okna Windows & Doors. HiMark has built a name for itself in the industry by combining cutting-edge technology, meticulous craftsmanship, and cutting-edge equipment. Their name has become associated with productivity, success, and innovation. Advanced automated equipment and computer-controlled manufacturing lines ensure high quality control and the ability to meet large volume demands quickly.

The HiMark Door has a smooth, clean appearance while still being structurally and thermally efficient. HiMark is designed to resemble a wood door, but it has none of the disadvantages of wood windows and all of the benefits of vinyl.

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The Benefits Of HiMark Doors:

Whether in your kitchen, master bedroom or family room, patio doors provide convenient access to the backyard or any outside area while brightening any room and offering unobstructed views of your surroundings. Whether you are looking for enhanced visual appeal, energy efficient, durability, or security, consider a HiMark Patio Door for the following reasons:

HiMark Screen Track

Screen track, roller track, and threshold are made of anodized aluminum for greater strength, durability, and longevity, as well as a beautiful aesthetic.

HiMark Foam Filled Insulated Extrusions

The multi-chambered 5-5/8″ main structure is thermally welded to give improved strength and thermal insulation. Foam Filled Insulated Extrusions are an optional feature that improves thermal efficiency.

HiMark Push Button Spring Loaded Foot Bolt

The Push Button Spring-Loaded Foot Bolt is simple to lock and can be adjusted to allow ventilation while providing additional security. Euro-White, Almond, and Cocoa are the three colors available.

HiMark Weather Stripping

Control infiltration of air, water, dust, and noise with an interlocking meeting rail system with quadruple weather-stripping. Meeting rails and pull rails have full length heavy gauge reinforcing for further rigidity and strength.

HiMark Mini Blinds

By raising, lowering, and tilting our retractable Mini-Blinds installed between the glass, homeowners can control privacy and sunlight.

HiMark Tandem Rollers

For a smooth and silent operation, the operating sash is fitted with adjustable, precise bearing tandem rollers.

HiMark Sash

A butt-jointed sash on our patio door gives it the traditional look of a true wood door.

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