Bow Window Replacement

As an experienced window contractor, Green Eco Solutions installs our Beautiful Bow Windows in a wide range of styles and quality materials to match your home’s style and fit your budget.

What Are Bow Windows?

A Bow window is a window structure in the shape of an arc with at least four casement windows. They have all of the advantages of Bay windows, including extra room, a variety of uses, excellent lighting, a greater view, and enhanced property value. Bow windows are perfect for exterior walls or corners with a width of 80 inches or more. They’re a versatile option because they come with four or more fixed or vented windows, allowing you to create a unique combination that suits your style and property. Bow window replacement or installation can give you multiple panes of functioning windows, flooding your home with light and air ventilation.

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Benefits Of Bow Windows

  • Bow windows are ideal for capturing and incorporating a view into your house.
  • Often made of casement windows, which open and close, bow windows are suitable for ventilation.
  • Bow windows increase the value of your property and provide comfort in any room.
  • Bow windows can be wrapped around the corner of a building, forming a unique turret shape on the outside and an enticing nook on the inside. This favorable alternative also provides views from both sides of the house.
  • Energy-efficient material saves money on energy bills while durable quality lasts for years to come.

Functionality, Ventilation, And Beauty With Bow Windows

Bow Windows are a popular choice for homeowners who want to add character to their home and additional space to the room in which the bow window will be installed.

Bow windows, unlike many other types of windows, can be customized to meet the wishes and needs of any homeowner. While three lites are often necessary for a bow window, you can have yours created with four, five, or even more lites, depending on the size and scope of the window. You may also select the kind of windows, as well as the height and positioning of the final window installation.

Two Inch Insulated Head and Seat Board
Two Inch Insulated Head and Seat Board

A two-inch insulated head and seat board with a furniture-grade veneer can be found in each window. Wood is an excellent insulator, but the head and seat board in your bow window is outside of the home. Having to deal with extremes in hot and cold temperatures, it is important to have that insulation barrier. Most window deconstruction begins from the window frame warping or rotting from varying temperatures from the outside of the home compared to the inside of the home.

Water Penetration Barrier
Water Penetration Barrier

The water prevention barriers are located below every window and mullion. This ensures there is no chance that rain or any driving weather forces would penetrate and enter your home.


Our Guardian Elite Series Bow Windows are installed without using any caulking. Having a silicone-free interior and exterior means no need for using caulk and leaving unsightly lines when two windows are sitting next to each other.

Foam-Filled Insulation
Foam-Filled Insulation

Our Guardian Elite Series Bow Windows contain foam insulation throughout the frame and mullions.

Completely Customizable


Basic Brown



Nicol’s Black


Terra Brown

Custom Colors Available

Euro White


Melrose Cherry

Dark Oak

Obscure Glass

Niagra Glass

Guardian Elite Series Bay Windows offer textured glass in several unique options that add aesthetic interest to any design while allowing for light control flexibility. Our Obscure Glass and Niagara Glass options are seen below. Tempered, laminated, and custom configuration glass are also available. You can select a standard glass texture for practically any application and aesthetic, from traditional to modern, with a variety of alternatives at your fingertips.

Flat Grid

Contour Grid

SDL Grid

Are you looking for a spectacular design that will quickly distinguish your property both inside and out? A variety of decorative grids can be used to draw attention to the architectural style that appeals to you. Aluminum bars are sealed in the insulating area between the two panes of glass to form GBG (grids between glass). Cleaning your window is significantly easier because the inside and external glass surfaces are not affected. GBG grids for two-tone windows come in a variety of interior and exterior color options. Unfortunately, GBG does not support custom colors.

Industry Standard Window Screen

ThruVision Plus Window Screen

ThruVision Plus is a fiberglass screen that improves visibility. This device improves the image by making it crisper and more colorful, similar to what high-definition technology has done for television viewing.

Where To Install Bow Windows?

Bow Windows are a good choice whether you want to add to the beauty of your home, expand space, improve your view, boost your natural lighting, or create a space for a specific purpose like seating, accenting a room, or storage.

Bow Windows are preferable over bay windows when you need more light, want to make the space appear larger than a bay window can, and also want to alter the size of the window panes.

Get An Expert Bow Window Evaluation Today!

Bow Windows offer a number of advantages. They may give your home a distinct personality. They let in more light and give you a different perspective of the outside world. Bow Windows increase the value of your home, as well as providing comfort for you and your family. Find out if bow windows are the right fit for you and your home by consulting Green Eco Solutions today for a free expert bow window evaluation.

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Green Eco Solutions may contact me about its services through various automated and recorded means including telephone, text and email.
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