Composite Wood Windows

TimberX Composite Wood Windows, featuring the elegant beauty of wood and the low-maintenance strength of cellular PVC come together in a paint-ready exterior that gives you endless color options for your new house.

What Are Composite Wood Windows?

TimberX Composite Wood Windows, featuring the elegant beauty of wood and the low-maintenance strength of cellular PVC come together in a paint-ready exterior that gives you endless color options for your new house.

Composite Wood combines the elegant beauty of a true wood window with the low-maintenance convenience of vinyl, the robustness of metal, and cutting-edge energy-saving and operational characteristics to create a stunning and long-lasting window system. The frames and sashes are manufactured from a proprietary blend of specialty polymer and acrylic resins, resulting in an “engineered composite” material that is very durable and solid. During the extrusion process, a permanent color surface technology called “SuperCapTM” is fused to the core components. As a result, the product is significantly more durable, weatherable, and fade-resistant than other window framing materials.

Composite windows are constructed out of a variety of components, including wood, metal, and vinyl or another type of plastic. For aesthetic appeal, some designs use wood on the interior and vinyl on the exterior for ease of upkeep. Others are made of wood with cladding made of aluminum or vinyl.

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Benefits of Composite Wood Windows

  • The appearance of wood can complement almost any home design.
    Sash and frame corners are triple-secured, with mortise and tenon joints linked chemically or fusion-welded frame and sash, and stainless-steel screws fastened
  • On the practical side, wood frames are the most energy-efficient option. They insulate your home 400x better than steel and 1,800x better than aluminum, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Multiple weather-strip routes and integral off-set balance pockets to prevent air infiltration
  • For optimum thermal performance, the TimberX Composite Wood Window features a solid core frame and sash
  • Sashes can be tilted in for simple cleaning from within the house
  • A sloped sill in one piece provides the right drainage of rainwater. Weep troughs that tend to block and freeze during colder months are not required for our sill

Simple to Use, Maintain, and Safe

Simple to use. It’s easy to allow in fresh air, let out strong aromas, and change the temperature in the house by simply opening and closing the windows.

Easy to Maintain. When it is time to clean the glass, the ability to tilt the sashes inward makes cleaning the window exteriors much easier.

Safe. Composite Wood Window cleaning is significantly safer because it allows the homeowner to remain inside while cleaning the glass. The ability to open up the upper sash while leaving the lower sash closed is also very useful for the safety of small children.

SuperCap is a permanent pre-finished surface that functions in even the most extreme climates. SuperCap meets or surpasses AAMA 613 color requirements, as shown by years of outdoor sun exposure testing in Florida and Arizona. This durable, capped surface protects windows and doors from yellowing from ultraviolet light exposure, erosion, chalking, and cracking for a lifetime of almost maintenance-free benefits for homeowners. Protective chemicals are delivered to the profile surface via the cap, where they give excellent weathering performance. The SuperCap surface layer is also essential to the profile and fusion-bonded to it.

TIMBREX is made of wood, UV non-plasticized pure virgin vinyl, including resin and fiberglass. It is flexible and 20x stronger than most vinyl’s.

Superior Performance FeatherLift Balance System

  • Smooth and quiet operation – sashes raise and lower with ease.
  • Enables full egress without limiting sash travel.
  • The interlocking pivot bar provides a higher structural performance rating.
  • Tilt-in sash for easy cleaning. Lifts out for easy sash removal.
  • High-quality stainless steel coils won’t rot and last a lifetime.
  • The same high-quality coils are used in the aerospace and military industries for counter-balance on the Mars Rover Curiosity, missiles, tanks, and submarines.

Completely Customizable



Brushed Nickel







Musket Brown



Nicol’s Black


Terra Brown

Custom Colors Available

Euro White


Melrose Cherry

Dark Oak

Obscure Glass

Niagra Glass

Guardian Elite Series Bay Windows offer textured glass in several unique options that add aesthetic interest to any design while allowing for light control flexibility. Our Obscure Glass and Niagara Glass options are seen below. Tempered, laminated, and custom configuration glass are also available. You can select a standard glass texture for practically any application and aesthetic, from traditional to modern, with a variety of alternatives at your fingertips.

Flat Grid

Contour Grid

SDL Grid

Are you looking for a spectacular design that will quickly distinguish your property both inside and out? A variety of decorative grids can be used to draw attention to the architectural style that appeals to you. Aluminum bars are sealed in the insulating area between the two panes of glass to form GBG (grids between glass). Cleaning your window is significantly easier because the inside and external glass surfaces are not affected. GBG grids for two-tone windows come in a variety of interior and exterior color options. Unfortunately, GBG does not support custom colors.




Do you seek an impressive design detail to distinguish your home both inside and outside instantly? The architecture that appeals to you can emphasize your choice of decorative grilles for your Guardian Elite Series Casement Windows.

Industry Standard Window Screen

ThruVision Plus Window Screen

ThruVision Plus is a fiberglass screen that improves visibility. This device improves the image by making it crisper and more colorful, similar to what high-definition technology has done for television viewing.

Where To Install Composite Wood Windows

Any room that could benefit from ventilation would do well with a Composite Wood Window. The hot air inside your home will rise to the ceiling. The heated air can exit through the top of the window and the cooler air can enter at the bottom by opening your Composite Wood Windows about three inches at the top and bottom.

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