Garden Window Installation

As an experienced window contractor, Green Eco Solutions installs beautiful, custom, and elegant Garden Windows to any room in your home.

What Are Garden Windows?

A Garden Window is a type of window that extends from the house into the yard. Because of the amount of light it allows inside the residence, this window design is also known as Garden Bay Windows or Greenhouse Windows. It is commonly used for indoor plants or herbs. Choose Green Eco Solutions for your garden window installation to get a free quote today.

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The Benefits Of Garden Windows

  • Increased Natural Light. A garden window stretches outward from the house, allowing in a lot more natural light
  • Circulation. Fresh air can circulate easier into the home than most standard windows due to the manner of installation.
  • Personalize. Add to a room’s character with shelf space for potted flowers, suncatchers, and other personal items.
  • Curb Appeal. Garden windows can increase personal value in your home, as well as curb appeal and monetary value.

Indoor Plants Will Thank You

A Garden Window provides the ideal location for potted plants. It is a viable spot due to the shelf created by the window style and the amount of light that is allowed in through the 4 panes of glass. There are plenty of other ways to beautify your new Garden Window space if plants are not your style. Arrange knick-knacks, collectibles, or memories on a garden window to individualize and remodel your space at any time.

Garden Window Installation

Where To Install Garden Windows?

A Garden Window is an excellent alternative if you wish to see your yard better. These windows provide improved peripheral vision, allowing you to appreciate the effort you’ve put into beautifying the exterior of your property.

Garden Window’s top slanting pane of glass will also provide you with a glimpse of the sky, greatly opening up an area like a kitchen sink space.

Free Expert Garden Window Consultations Available

Garden Windows are the perfect option to open up your home to more light today. Contact us today to schedule your free window installation estimate. We proudly service Chester, Quakertown, Philadelphia, Reading, Northampton, Montgomeryville, Wilkes-Barre, and nearby!

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