Bay Window Replacement

As an experienced window contractor, Green Eco Solutions installs Bay Windows in a wide range of styles and quality materials to match your home’s style and fit your budget.

What Are Bay Windows?

Bay windows are created by combining three or more windows so that they angle out beyond the house wall. Typically, a bay window consists of a large fixed picture window in the middle, with two operable window styles on the side. The side styles can vary but typically casement or double-hung windows styles are placed in combination with the fixed picture window to allow ventilation. Green Eco Solutions is well versed in bay window replacement.

This style of window creates a ledge or shelf on the interior of you home. You can do exciting things with this extra space created by bay windows within your interior of your house. Convenient for trinkets, books, and pictures, cushions can also be added to create a bench or seat. More windows means even more of a view of your yard or neighborhood.

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Window Replacement

Benefits of Bay Windows

  • Bay windows provide a home’s exterior with a distinct aspect and can considerably improve curb appeal
  • Installing bay windows can increase the interior square footage of a home, potentially increasing its value
  • The interior of a room is opened up when a bay window is placed. This is particularly useful in smaller spaces
  • A room with bay windows gets a lot of natural light
  • Bay windows are sturdy, long-lasting, and require little upkeep

Beauty, Functionality, And Enhanced Views

Bay windows create an internal space that can be used in a variety of ways. Some individuals like to use it for storage, while others like to construct a window seat by adding cushions and pillows. You can either leave the space open to simply enhance the room’s size, or you may choose to utilize the extra room to display plants or other decorative items.

Two Inch Insulated Head and Seat Board
Two Inch Insulated Head and Seat Board

A two-inch insulated head and seat board with a furniture-grade veneer can be found in each window. Wood is an excellent insulator, but the head and seat board in your bay window is outside of the home. Having to deal with extremes in hot and cold temperatures, it is important to have that insulation barrier. Most window deconstruction begins from the window frame warping or rotting from varying temperatures from the outside of the home compared to the inside of the home.

Water Penetration Barrier
Water Penetration Barrier

The water prevention barriers are located below every window and mullion. This ensures there is no chance that rain or any driving weather forces would penetrate and enter your home.


Our Guardian Elite Series Bay Windows are installed without using any caulking. Having a silicone-free interior and exterior means no need for using caulk and leaving unsightly lines when two windows are sitting next to each other.

Foam-Filled Insulation
Foam-Filled Insulation

Our Guardian Elite Series Bay Windows contain foam insulation throughout the frame and mullions.

Completely Customizable


Basic Brown



Nicol’s Black


Terra Brown

Custom Colors Available

Euro White


Melrose Cherry

Dark Oak

Obscure Glass

Niagra Glass

Guardian Elite Series Bay Windows offer textured glass in several unique options that add aesthetic interest to any design while allowing for light control flexibility. Our Obscure Glass and Niagara Glass options are seen below. Tempered, laminated, and custom configuration glass are also available. You can select a standard glass texture for practically any application and aesthetic, from traditional to modern, with a variety of alternatives at your fingertips.

Flat Grid

Contour Grid

SDL Grid

Are you looking for a spectacular design that will quickly distinguish your property both inside and out? A variety of decorative grids can be used to draw attention to the architectural style that appeals to you. Aluminum bars are sealed in the insulating area between the two panes of glass to form GBG (grids between glass). Cleaning your window is significantly easier because the inside and external glass surfaces are not affected. GBG grids for two-tone windows come in a variety of interior and exterior color options. Unfortunately, GBG does not support custom colors.

Industry Standard Window Screen

ThruVision Plus Window Screen

ThruVision Plus is a fiberglass screen that improves visibility. This device improves the image by making it crisper and more colorful, similar to what high-definition technology has done for television viewing.

Where To Install Bay Windows?

Adding ambiance and grace into any room is easy with a bay window. Appearance and size are some of the first things to consider when choosing where to install a bay window. Bay Windows are best suited to exterior wall spaces with a width of 40 inches or more.

Due to the angular nature of bay windows, they extend from the building providing floor space and the potential for an area to sit. This makes bay windows the perfect choice for living or family rooms. They also add curb appeal and flood the room with light as they are one of the best ways to bring brightness into your home, making Bay Windows the ideal choice for any public room in your home.

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Bay Windows are a great option for any home but especially if you have a small place to work with. Bay Windows provide plenty of natural light and seats to save space. Do you need Bay Windows that are built to last and outstrip the competition in nearly every way? Green Eco Guardian Elite Series Bay Windows are the perfect option for you. Contact us today to schedule your free window replacement estimate! We proudly service Chester, Quakertown, Philadelphia, Reading, Northampton, Montgomeryville, Wilkes-Barre, and other areas.

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Green Eco Solutions may contact me about its services through various automated and recorded means including telephone, text and email.
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