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Roof Repair vs Replacement

Your roof needs to be in excellent condition to keep your home looking good and functioning properly. Deciding between roof repair vs replacement is something most homeowners will have to do at some point. If you live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, the trusted roofing contractors at Green Eco can repair or replace your roof.

Roof Repair vs Replacement: Which is Best For Your Home?

It can be hard to decide between roof repair vs replacement, but there are a few ways to tell which option will be the most beneficial. Keeping up with regular repairs can prolong the life of your roof, but if you haven’t been maintaining your roof, it may be time to replace it.

A Word About Shingles

Shingle damage can be a sign that you need to replace your roof, but it may be possible to patch your roof if the damage isn’t severe. The team at Green Eco can inspect your shingles and tell you if you can repair your roof instead of replacing it. Keep in mind that the shingles on your roof have been exposed to the elements, so it may be hard to find an exact color match.

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

While roof repair is appropriate in some cases, there are several signs that indicate you need to replace your roof. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact Green Eco to schedule a roof replacement.

– Damaged Shingles

Shingles that are curling or buckling are not able to protect your roof from water damage. If this problem goes unaddressed, it can destroy your roof and make replacement necessary. You should also look out for granules on the ground or in the gutters, as this can be a sign of shingle deterioration.

– Broken Flashing

Broken flashing causes a lot of roof leaks. If your flashing has been compromised, you may have severe roof damage that can’t be repaired.

– Severe Storm Damage

If you have experienced severe weather, you should have your roof inspected as soon as possible. Falling limbs, wind, and heavy precipitation can damage your roof beyond repair, so it’s important to check on your roof after hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes.

– Water Damage

If you notice signs of water damage, your roof probably needs to be replaced. Signs of water damage include spots on the ceilings, mold, moisture or rot in the attic, and peeling paint.

Contact Green Eco for a Roof Repair or Replacement Estimate

When it comes to roof repair vs replacement, it can be hard to decide which option is best for your home. The pros at Green Eco can assess your roof and provide you with the service you need. Contact Green Eco today for a roof repair or replacement estimate.

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