Foam-Backed Insulated Siding

Protect your home from harsh weather and extreme temperatures with brand-new foam-backed siding installation.

Improve Energy Efficiency with Foam-Backed Siding

Homeowners in PA and NJ have been upgrading their homes with insulated siding because it not only protects and beautifies their homes, but it also helps save money on heating and cooling costs over the life of the siding. Green Eco Solutions is the name to know if you want to upgrade your home in this way. We are an established and licensed siding contractor that has more than 30 years of experience installing and replacing siding on homes in this region.

What Is Foam-Backed Siding?

Foam-backed siding is a type of insulated vinyl siding that is reinforced with a foam core. Because of the core, the vinyl is thicker and sturdier than it would be otherwise. The foam also acts as an additional moisture barrier, as well as increasing thermal resistance and sound insulation.

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Is it Time to Install New Siding?

Identifying the right moment to replace aging siding remains a common challenge faced by homeowners. Our usual recommendation involves taking a proactive stance, aligning with the expected lifespan of the existing siding material. Certain signs may emerge that suggest the siding has worn out prematurely or potentially due to prolonged neglect. These indicators encompass the presence of missing or unstable panels, cracks and gaps in the siding structure, and any indications of excess moisture, such as decay or the growth of fungi or mold. It’s also important to monitor fluctuations in your energy bills, as a significant increase in heating and cooling expenses could point to an underlying issue with your siding.

Benefits of Foam-Backed Siding

Many homeowners opt for insulated siding because of its capacity to elevate the thermal resistance of the siding, consequently better protecting the home. Foam-backed siding helps keep your home more adept at maintaining consistent and comfortable temperatures, making cooling and heating more efficient. Another substantial benefit is the fortification it provides to the siding, rendering it less susceptible to harm resulting from impacts like stones propelled by lawnmowers. Additionally, it contributes to the exclusion of undesirable noise, potentially leading to a noise reduction of up to 45%.

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Thinking about installing foam-backed siding? Green Eco Solutions offers a complimentary review of your home and siding needs. We will assess your existing siding, discuss available vinyl siding alternatives, and provide you with a precise and transparent cost estimate for your siding replacement or installation.

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Your Vinyl Siding Options

Our most popular siding installation choice is manufactured by CertainTeed, which provides not only classic vinyl siding but also an assortment of options such as board & batten, Mainstreet, and Monogram.

Vinyl Siding

Traditional Vinyl Siding

Traditional vinyl siding is designed to look like classic clapboard. It’s available in many colors while also being affordable, durable, versatile, and energy efficient while requiring little to no maintenance.

Board & Batten Siding

Board & Batten

Board and batten sets itself apart from conventional vinyl siding by commonly arranging its panels in a vertical orientation rather than a horizontal one. This arrangement can create a rustic aesthetic, while also finding application in various contemporary design trends.

Mainstreet Siding


Mainstreet is CertainTeed’s most popular siding and is offered in clapboard and Dutch lap designs. It’s sturdier and more energy efficient than traditional siding and is offered in two dozen unique colors.

Monogram Siding

Monogram Siding

Monogram by CertainTeed is a horizontal siding product designed to mimic the look of painted or stained cedar. This product is even thicker and offered in 40 distinct color options.

Foam-Backed vs. Traditional Vinyl Siding

The primary difference separating foam-backed siding from regular vinyl siding lies in the inclusion of a foam core. Aside from this, the two products share many exterior similarities. Opting for a foam core insulated vinyl siding will involve a higher upfront expense compared to non-insulated options, potentially accompanied by slightly elevated installation costs. However, it’s worth noting that the insulated variant proves more cost-effective in the long run due to reduced heating and cooling expenses and extended durability.

Flexible Financing for Your Siding Project

Green Eco Solutions understands that the installation of new insulated siding can be a significant financial commitment. To enhance affordability, we provide various financing choices, and we would be delighted to discuss these possibilities during our initial consultation with you. Many customers opt for a short-term loan through which they can take advantage of interest rates as low as 0% for up to 48 months, and others opt for a long-term loan that lets them enjoy a low fixed payment for up to 120 months.

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Homeowners have placed their trust in Green Eco Solutions to elevate their residences with foam-backed siding, and we extend an invitation to provide you with a similar experience. Reach out to us today at 1-610-973-2500 or connect with us online to arrange a consultation or to seek further information regarding the array of insulated siding products and services we provide.

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Green Eco Solutions may contact me about its services through various automated and recorded means including telephone, text and email.
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