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s an experienced window contractor, Green Eco Solutions installs our Guardian Elite Series Windows in a wide range of styles and quality materials to match your home’s style and fit your budget.

About HiMark Windows

HiMark Windows, a product of Okna Windows & Doors, which is located in Bristol, Pennsylvania. HiMark has earned a reputation in the industry by incorporating cutting-edge technology, meticulous craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art equipment. Their name has become synonymous with efficiency, success, and creativity. Advanced automated equipment and computer-controlled manufacturing lines ensure a high level of quality control and the capacity to rapidly meet large volume demands.

The HiMark Window has a smooth, clean appearance while still providing outstanding structural and thermal efficiency. HiMark is designed to look like a wood window but with none of the drawbacks of wood windows and all of the advantages of vinyl.

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HiMark Windows’ Glass System

One of the most essential components of your new window is the glass unit. It takes up roughly 90% of the entire window.

HeatSeal Glass is designed to take advantage of free solar heat, resulting in a higher temperature within the glass. Passive solar and thermal insulation minimize drafts created by cold glass surfaces, resulting in energy-efficient windows.

HiMark Windows use cutting-edge glass and spacer technology, as well as a superior manufacturing process. Extra-strength glass with heat reflective properties, 11 microscopically thin layers of silver and other metal oxides, and a HeatSeal spacer make up the HiMark HeatSeal Glass system. This system provides superior thermal efficiency and significantly reduces condensation.

The Benefits Of HiMark Windows:

  • Glass System
  • Glass and Spacer
  • HeatSeal Spacer System
  • HeatSeal Glass
  • Thermal and Structural Performance
  • Energy Efficiency

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