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Front Door Care & Maintenance

Guardian Elite Series Doors are simple to keep clean. They’ve been designed to give you years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Because your door, particularly your Entry Door, makes the first impression on visitors, it’s critical to take adequate care and upkeep of them. Green Eco Solutions has knowledgeable employees and repair technicians who can assist you with any door maintenance or restoration needs. Keep reading to see how to maintain your brand-new Guardian Elite Series Door.

Washing Your Door

Use only mild dish soap, warm water, and a clean soft cloth to clean your door and glass. Harsh detergents should not be used. Using a moderate water spray, rinse thoroughly.

AVOID using abrasive cleaners. Glass cleaners, ammonia, bleaches, grease removers, detergents containing organic solvents, nail polish removers, and furniture polishes are examples of such cleansers.

AVOID chemical sprays, lawn insecticides, and fertilizers.

Only wash or apply a protectant when the door is cool to the touch.

Using Protectant

Apply a non-powdering wax or protectant like “Turtle Wax Express Shine” or “Armor-All Original Shine” after cleaning and completely drying the door. Following the direction on the packaging to apply to the face and edges of the exterior doors.

Wood Grain Doors

The wood-grained stained finish on Guardian Elite Series Doors is one-of-a-kind. It is recommended that you refinish the clear urethane coating regularly to keep the beauty and luster of your wood grain finish. The surface can be softly roughed up using a “000” steel wool pad and then cleared with a high-quality clear exterior spar urethane cut 10%

Repair and Refinishing

Paint repairs or refinishing can be done with exterior grade latex paint if your door is ever damaged or you want to change the décor.

Use an exterior grade latex primer to match the base color when repairing wood grain finishes that have been damaged down to primer or bare metal. Then, by hand rubbing and feathering the stain hue to match the surrounding color, apply it to the repainted spot. For color retention, the stain should be an exterior-quality solid color with pigments in an alkyd base.

Finally, add a layer of clear spar urethane if you’re satisfied with the color match.

Schedule Door Inspections

If you live in an area with a normal climate it is recommended that you wash and apply protection to your entry doors every six months.

Harsh surroundings include areas exposed to salt, fog, and dark-colored doors exposed to direct sunlight. Apply the protectant at the time and installation, and then wash and apply the protectant every three months.

Free Entry and Storm Door Replacement

We have over 30 years of expertise in caring for doors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas at Green Eco Solutions. Our team of competent and friendly specialists can assist you with a number of services aimed at keeping your doors looking as good as new and keeping them secure. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us immediately.

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