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How to Protect Your Property When Replacing a Roof?

How Do You Protect My Property When Replacing a Roof

If you value your landscaping and yard, you’re certainly concerned about how it will be protected throughout your roof replacement. Don’t worry though, a reputable roofing contractor you employ will look after your yard, landscaping, and other needs.

For more than 30 years Green Eco Solutions has been providing high-quality roofing services to Northeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey homeowners. When we work on your roof, we always take the utmost care to guarantee that your home is safe. 
You’ll understand what a contractor does to secure your property and what you can do on your own by the end of this post.

How Green Eco Solutions Safeguards Your Home

When a roofing contractor shows up to your home, one of their key responsibilities is to protect your property. this is especially critical when replacing a roof. They’ll cover your landscaping, relocate everything on your patio, and only drive on concrete or asphalt surfaces in order to protect your property.

Tarping Landscaping

One of the first questions you should ask your contractor is how they’ll protect your landscaping or greenery around your home. We have devised a simple and effective solution to this problem.To cover the landscape that surrounds the base of your home, your contractor will angle a tarp attached from the gutters down to a “dump” tarp on the ground.When roofing debris drops on the angled tarp, it will slide down to the ground rather than falling and causing damage to your plants.

Moving Outdoor Items

If you have a good patio or hardwood deck, you’ll need to move anything on it to avoid damaging your belongings. For large, difficult or handle items or if it is connected to a gas line, like a grill, the item won’t be disturbed. In that case, the contractor should take plywood and build some kind of shelter to protect it.

Covering Pools When Replacing A Roof

Covering Your Pool

Your pool, like your roof replacement, was an investment. As a result, it’s critical that you understand how to safeguard it properly. A brand new tarp or pool cover should be used to cover your entire pool. The tarp will remain in place over your pool until the roof replacement is complete. If you do not use a cover, fiberglass in the air from the shingles being peeled off will attach to the top of the water. The fiberglass can clog the filter and potentially damage the pumps in your pool.

Staying Off the Grass

All contractor vehicles should stay on paved surfaces while replacing your roof. This is to safeguard your lawn, landscaping, and anything else that lies beneath the ground.You don’t want a truck pulling a trailer through your lawn, producing divots and ripping up your prized lawn. Sprinkler systems, gas lines, electrical lines, septic tanks, and other underground features are all subject to harm as well.A huge work truck sliding into your yard and breaking a septic tank is the last thing you and the contractor need to deal with. Your contractor should always keep all vehicles on paved areas to safeguard your yard and the valuable beneath it.

What Can Homeowners Do?

The contractor you pick will secure most of the outside of your house. The only thing you’ll have to safeguard as a homeowner is whatever is hung on your walls. You can either remove things from the wall or shelves until the replacement is finished or make sure they are securely fastened so vibrations won’t knock them over. If you have anything irreplaceable or valuable on a shelf, in a corridor, or on a mantle, it may be a good idea to remove it and place it on the floor. Safeguard your photographs and other items displayed in your home’s interior until after the roof installation is complete.

How A New Roof Is Installed

How is a Roof Installed?

When working on your roof, the contractor you select should do all possible to protect your home, yard, and anything else on your property. The process of replacing your roof includes a significant amount of property protection. But what about the rest of the procedure? It’s critical to understand the replacement process so you’re ready for the most important day of your roof’s life. We’ve already broken everything down for you to make it easier. The Green Eco Solutions team has been replacing roofs for over 30 years. With our high-quality labor and honesty, we provide an experience that is uncommon in the roofing industry. As a result, we’re please to offer you a lifetime warranty on your roof replacement. Check out our post on How to Replace a Roof to have a better idea of what to expect on the day of your roof replacement.

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