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How to Install a Roof

The Roof Installation Process

The procedure of constructing a roof is meticulous. At Green Eco Solutions, we make sure that every stage of the roofing process is followed in order to provide you with a roof that will last for years. Have you ever wondered what goes into constructing a roof? Keep reading and we’ll walk you through the procedure step by step.

1. Delivery of Roof Materials

Delivery of Roof Materials

The delivery of all roofing materials to your home is the initial step in your roof replacement. Roofing contractors will usually have them delivered the day before or the morning of your replacement.

Your roofing materials will be delivered in accordance with the size of your roof. They should be stored in a dry area near the roof access point once they’ve been delivered.

Allow the contractor to supply the materials no more than a few days ahead of time. Pallets of shingles sitting on your lawn and ruining your grass is the last thing you want.

2. Moving Vehicles

When your contractor arrives at your house, they’ll make sure that all of your vehicles have been removed from your driveway or garage. It is not necessary to transfer the vehicle in the garage if it will not be used during your replacement.

This is done by your contractor so that you can come and go as you choose. They don’t want to prevent you or your family from going about their daily lives.

It also shields your automobiles from any stray material that may fall from your roof. You don’t want falling roof debris to damage your windshield or car body!

3. Protecting Your Property

Protecting Your Property

Preparing your property for roof tear-off is the next step in your roof replacement. Green Eco Solutions starts by tarping the ground for the dump zone and putting up tarps to protect your vegetation and landscaping.

In this stage, all of the required precautions will be taken to guarantee that your property is protected while your roof is being replaced. It is also a good idea to safeguard anything inside of your home that may rattle while the hammering is happening.

4. Tear Off the Old Roof

If you’re replacing a roof on an existing structure, you can’t effectively install the new system without entirely dismantling the old one. Many fly-by-night companies have been known to replace old goods with new goods, which is a strong sign that your roof will not last. Ensuring all the old shingles are removed is one of the most time-consuming and dirty aspects of ripping off an old roof. It’s critical not to skimp on this stage since leaving nails protruding can tear holes in the new shingles.

This part of the roof installation process is often the messiest because the roofers are throwing shingles down from the top of your home. Green Eco Solutions tarps the landscaping around the base of your home during the tear-off process. Angling the tarps from the gutters down to a “dump” tarp on the ground will cover the landscaping that surrounds your home and help ensure it is protected.  When the old roof hits the angled tarp, its slides down to the ground instead of destroying your plant life.

5. Cleaning Out Gutters

Your gutters will be cleaned out as soon as a complete part of your roof is pulled off and cleaned up. Your gutters will be cleaned of any roofing debris from the tear-off, leaves, and other potential blockages.

Gutter cleaning is not only something that should be done after a roof replacement but it should also be done on a regular basis as part of your annual roof maintenance.

6. Roof Install Starts

Roof Installation

Your new roof is now ready to be installed after the tear-off and after ensuring that your gutters are clean.

First, the underlayment is rolled out and then the drip edge is installed. They’ll then begin installing your starter shingles and shingles over the entire decking.

The ridge capping will be installed. Finally, all of the vents that are required for your roof’s ventilation system will be installed last by your contractor.

7. Clean Up

Following the installation of your new roof, the cleanup procedure will begin. All debris will be deposited on dump tarps, and then moved to a dumpster.

Following the roof installation, the roofers should spend a few good hours on the ground. They’ll roll up the tarps, gather their tools, and tidy up everything on the ground. Using a strong magnet, they will go over your entire property to make sure all nails are picked up.

8. Inspecting the Work

Roof Inspection

Ensuring the quality of the roof meets the high expectations you have for your roof replacement is our top priority. As a final double-check, they’ll check around penetrations, skylights, and chimneys to make sure they are adequately protected. Ensuring the roof has been replaced properly and that your property has been cleaned up should be done, regardless of the contractor you hire.

Ready to Hire a Roofing Contractor?

You may be wondering how long it will take to replace your roof now that you understand the procedure. The answer varies depending on the roof. The length of time it takes to replace your roof is determined by factors such as weather and roof accessibility. But keep in mind that speed cannot be prioritized before quality.

You must pick a professional roofing contractor to ensure that you receive a high-quality roof replacement. Green Eco Solutions provides residents of Pennsylvania and New Jersey with high-quality roofing services. We understand what it takes to provide you with a roof replacement that will make your home the most attractive on the block. To back up our work, we even offer a lifetime warranty.

If you’re in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, don’t hesitate to contact us to start the journey of replacing your roof today.

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